United States Coast Guard Petty Officer (E-5)


Marine Science Technician Second Class (USCG Reserves)

2006 - 2009

  • Served as Coast Guard Port State Control Officer.

  • Inspected hundreds of tanker ships and freight ships per Code of Federal regulations amongst other international shipping regulations for environmental and commercial resource management and protection.

  • Served as Coast Guard FEMA liaison on an Incident Management Assist Team (IMAT through Incident Command Systems) as a team member, team lead, and first responder.

  • Monitored waterway cleanup activities, enforced environmental and fisheries protection laws.

  • Incident Command Systems first Responder and team member certified.

  • Participated as Coast Guard “war fighter” in Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration at Peterson AFB for software approval and testing.  

  • Graduated from Marine Science Technician “A” School, served as “class leader” supervising and mentoring 20 other Coast Guard members.

  • 3 Positive Page 7's (administrative praise from superiors) earned.

  • Excellent performance reviews.  


Electronics Technician Second Class (Active Duty) 2002-2006

  • Served as Electronics Technician Second Class.

  • Installed, troubleshot / repaired, replaced, and conducted Preventative Maintenance Service on hundreds of different types of electronics equipment, including HF through SHF communications systems, Radar, navigation systems, DGPS Correctional Transmitter, and sonar systems - utilizing many types of test equipment at dozens of Coast Guard units (including land units and boats of all types i.e. buoy tenders, small boats, cutters, and more).

  • Served as test equipment manager for ESD Galveston—responsible for hundreds of pieces of test equipment inventory and calibration.

  • Completed ANSPS 73 Radar “C” School

  • Completed Tower climbing “C” School for 150 foot towers and for sea buoys.

  • Completed Electronic Chart Display and Information Service (ECDIS) “C” School.

  • Graduated from Electronics Technician “A” School; served as class leader supervising and mentoring 25 other Coast Guard members.

  • Assisted in moving communications center from Group Galveston to Sector Houston including installation and set up of numerous mission critical communications systems.  

  • 4 Positive Page 7's (administrative praise from superiors) earned.

  • 2 Letters of Commendation Earned.

  • All practical factors and testing completed for E-5.

  • Excellent performance reviews.  

Deck Seaman 2001 - 2002

  • Served onboard US Coast Guard Cutter Decisive, 210' Medium Endurance Cutter.

  • Qualified Helm/Lookout, Quarter Deck watches.

  • Qualified Damage Control and Shipboard Firefighting.

  • Qualified to operate .50 Cal machine gun.

  • Line tender small boat ops.

  • Helicopter ops tie down team.  

  • Sailed through 2 hurricanes!

  • Never got seasick!!!!

  • Promoted from E2 to E3 onboard ship.

  • Mess cooked - woke up at 4am, assisted in all meal preps, washed dishes, swabbed floors, cleaned all corridors and officer quarters.  Served ward room meals daily.